And the winner of BURN Residency 2016 is...

30 September 2016

On the morning of September 28, the nerves and tensions were running extremely high for 3 people, Mira Joo, Ayman Awad and Lollino were waiting to find out who would be the winner of BURN Residency 2016. The three met at Café Mambo first thing, all in high spirits they headed to the beach for their final photoshoot as the 3 finalists of the competition, before being separated to find out their fate.

The talented Djs have spent the summer living in Ibiza playing at clubs such as Mambos, Privilege, Sankeys and more after making it through three weeks of an intense competition where they battled for the final places with 23 other contestants from around the world.

All three have worked hard, all three have impressed the likes of Carl Cox, David Vincent, John Digweed, Dubfire, Uner and many more guest judges and mentors that came to meet them, but all three know there could only be one winner.

Philipp Straub is the man with the difficult job, he travels to meet the finalists one by one to deliver their news. He visits  Ayman Awad and then Mira Joo, to break the news that they have not won the competition and spends some time talking with the two exceptional talents before they both head to meet at an unknown location.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo Gianeri aka Lollino, is nervously waiting whilst eating breakfast and discussing his experience so far. He is happy and nervous at the same time, he is completely unaware that the other two finalists have already been told the news (All finalists phones were taken away in the morning to secure the big reveal).

“I feel like it’s the day before exams at school and I haven’t studied! But I am happy, I love Ibiza, I love this experience, I don’t want it to end”

Taking in the beautiful view at Hotel Garbi, Lorenzo talks of his love for the island, the ocean and how he hopes to find some time in the near future to take a surfing holiday. He explains that although his dream is to win this competition, if he doesn’t win, he is ok because he has had the best experience of his life, and he has learnt so much.

Then the car arrives, Lorenzo is told he is being taken to meet Philipp, his nerves are evident but he hides from with a big smile.

On the way to the big reveal, Lorenzo discusses his dream of playing Amnesia, his favourite club, he also reflects on the amazing venues he has played over the summer especially Sankeys and Bora Bora. His passion for these venues is obvious, and he doesn’t realise for a few seconds that he is currently parked up next to a giant billboard with his name on it.

“What! I won?…I won! I won! I won!” He is as ecstatic as one would expect, if not more. Bounding out the car embracing his friends and fellow finalists Mira and Ayman, as well as head mentor Philipp Straub, before climbing up the wall to hug the billboard.

Some time passes by and Lorenzo is still gobsmacked, but he his then faced with the realisation that on this night his dream would be coming true, as the winner of BURN Residency 2016, he would be playing HYTE at Amnesia.

Congratulations Lollino, and a huge well done to all those who applied this year and the 26 incredible talents who took part in the competition this summer; 

Mira Joo, Ayman Awad, Alex Preda, Andre Tribale, Daniel Vicente (DVICE), Nikolaj Lund (NILU), Djorda Luiga, Evgenii Kopytov (KJDJ), Ilia Gaurlin (Marseeey), Dmytro Garkavenko, Peter Portman, Ivo Upan, Jan Vlach, Natalia Barbin, Rojin Kolanc, Justinas Zvigas, Baron, Joma Maja, Patrick Szulc (Truant), Sezer Uysal, Rajiv Alfaro, Rodrigo Fiorillo, Sebastian Sakels, Alex Ranerro, Tomislav Bilic, 

Special thanks to our head mentor Philipp Straub, and mentors Carl Cox, Dubfire, Uner and John Digweed as well as the many guests who played a part in the program!