BURN welcomes Luciano as new ambassador

13 June 2017

In a world where DJs become superstars and fame replaces the love for music, it’s hard to find a humble and passionate character to represent our passion and aim for education in the music industry. That’s why BURN is proud to join forces and welcome to the family one of the most devoted DJs and producers you can find, the head of Cadenza Records, Luciano. He’ll play a major role during BURN Residency, bringing to light the best up and coming talents while collaborating on projects like BURN Radio and headlining our brand new festival, Big BURN Istanbul.


The conception of discovering, supporting and promoting new talents is something that has always been present in Luciano’s career, “I’m passionate about music and production. I’m always very curious to see the evolution of sound, and how young generations create new ideas. You always try to reproduce something that you heard before but on your terms and values. I’m always looking for a sound balance, sound design and of course, an identity, you need to find a balance between sound and space, I’m looking for a soul that can check both categories.”


Going back to the 90’s, Luciano was one of the points of contact between Europe and South America. Promoting clubs like Sense Club and Encuentros Con La Technocultura with the support of many Latin American legends like, Ricardo Villalobos, Dandy Jack & brother Adrian Schopf, Microman and Washington Miranda, to name a few. In a continent where electronic music was a minority compared to other genres like Rock or Pop Music, Luciano had a clear goal since his first contact with a synthesiser, “Since day one, all I wanted to do was to make this music a popular gender. I didn’t want to hide behind the underground scene; I wanted this music to be heard and to be seen. As a guitar player, I wanted to convert people that had a different approach to electronic music to also be open to this genre, that is also fascinating and rich.


And that’s exactly what he did, after many appearances in South America and a massive set at Santiago’s Love Parade, Luciano made his way back to Europe, changing the whole Ibiza’s landscape and entering the annals of the island dance history. In 2006, he formed a partnership with Circoloco at Ibiza’s number one underground club, DC-10 with a 3-year residency, leading to his own party in 2010 called “Vagabundos”, spawned at his Sunday residency in Pacha and “Luciano & Friends” born on the beach at Ushuaïa. If that wasn’t enough, the Swiss-Chilean decided to open his own label and invest in new talents, and for the last ten years, the label had over 100 hand picked releases. Cadenza is a place for music to grow and blossom in an organic environment, production, as well as music development are an essential philosophy for Luciano; “I remember when I first started, if I wanted to have my demo heard by someone, I had to go to a gig with a CD and hang on to the DJ booth asking people to listen to it; write your address on a piece of paper or even send a letter, it was hard work. Today, when I finish a track, within 5 minutes, it will be in South America, Europe or anywhere I want it to be. Back in the day, we were more picky with the record labels we sent our work to; nowadays it’s the opposite, you just send it to everyone. There’s more music out there and more possibilities, but it also creates more confusion.”


As one of the mentors of BURN Residency, he will host the production challenge stage of boot camp. This will involve the remaining 16 finalists travelling to Luciano’s home studio in Geneva, where they will be guided through the process of how to produce their own track. Following their one to one sessions, they will be set a challenge, which will be judged by Luciano himself, with results and feedback provided at the next stage of the competition.


We can’t wait to see how Luciano will push the contestants to their limits, helping them to achieve the next step in their careers and crowning the winner with a €100.000 management deal and a place in the BURN Family. Stay tuned for more updates on Luciano’s guidance through the competition.