BURN Residency 2015 winner Samanta on her new life after the competition

16 March 2017

We continue our interview cycle with BURN Residency's icons, this week we bring you Samanta – coming straight from Lithuania, her and her music brings us the sunshine on a cloudy day. Within a few years, she found her space in a male-dominated scene and proves the big scene is not only for big men. The princess of BURN Residency 2015 shares her big dreams for the future and tries to inspire young Djs, encouraging them to be strong, brave and unique.

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Q: More than a year has passed since your coronation, how did your daily life change after winning BURN Residency?

A: I started to play abroad, met a lot of A-Class djs, like Carl Cox, Dubfire, Richie Hawtin, John Digweed, Pete Tong and many more. Local journalists keep inviting me for interviews, TV/radio shows are also interested in how am I doing. I've also been playing in better gigs in my country as well as massive festivals to arenas and of course, clubs with famous DJs from all over the world.

Q: You’ve been traveling a lot, do you prefer to play abroad or stay in Lithuania?

A: I love to play for my (Lithuanian) people because they always want to hear something new and they're always expecting more from me. They always want to know what songs I'm playing during my mix, also my fan base has increased a lot since BURN Residency.
On the other hand, playing abroad is different, you don't know the crowd and that scares me sometimes, I don't know how they will react – whether they will like my music or if they will love me or hate me, but in the end, everything goes well. I always get messages with pictures and videos from my fans thanking me for giving them an incredible night, that's very important to me!

Q: Tells us about your newest projects. Do your fans need to be prepared for something special?

A: YES! I have my first batch of tracks coming up soon, it's a first for me, and you can imagine how excited I am about this. Plus, I'll be traveling next to Dubfire this year, he invited me to warm up 4 of his shows. It's a dream come true!

Q: Name three things that in your opinion are a must in BURN Residency competition

A: Being brave enough to take some risks - don't be a standard Dj Charisma Music selection

Q: Is there still a club or specific place where you dream you could perform? Or a Dj you would love to perform with?

A: Of course, I have a big dream – to play at Burning Man Festival and also Tomorrowland. A Dj? I already performed with him. Dubfire!

Q: Tell us about your inspiration? What does your creative process look like?

A: Everything inspires me; it's usually when I'm traveling or just indoor. A lot of factors can trigger my creativity; people, beautiful places, nature, sound and even smells.

Q: What technique or equipment is most common to you? Maybe you use vinyl records or record your own sounds?

A: Basically, I play with 3x Pioneer 2000 CDJ and Pioneer 900 DJM. I don’t use vinyl, but in the near future I’m going to learn how to play with vinyl more and who knows – maybe I will change my equipment. ☺

Q: What do you do more often - turn back to old memories or look forward to new challenges?

A: What do you do more often - turn back to old memories or look forward to new challenges? I have some memories from the past, which I like to remember because, back then I fought for my dreams and I remember how strong I was. But, of course, I always look forward to new challenges and adventures, it’s a fuel to me.

Q: What kind of person or a Dj should you be to win BURN Residency?

A: As I said he/she should definitely find his/her own sound. He/she has to not copy their ‘Gods’. Also, he/she can't be shy; otherwise the one with more charisma will take the crown. Try to analyse the other contestants and figure it out their flaws, once you get them, do the opposite.

Q: What advice would you give to a young Dj just starting his path to “becoming someone” or dreaming about BURN Residency?

A: They should spend a lot of time practicing, not only their technical skills (how to use mixer or cdjs) but also listening to a lot of music styles and trying to find which is the nearest to their heart. Nowadays it’s not enough to play music, you need to create your own, and they need to think about music production. The earlier they start it, the easier it will be. ;)