BURN Residency 2017 … Coming Soon

12 January 2017

In just a week’s time we will begin our search for the 2017 BURN Residency winner – an opportunity for aspiring DJs to enter to win a €100,000 EUR contract – a direct investment into their professional DJ career.

As the date draws closer to applications opening for the biggest global DJ competition, we’ve picked some wise words from our mentors shared during last year’s competition.

Carl Cox
“If you’re going to make a career in the industry you have to do something better than anyone else. Today the path forward is production. Get your music out there on SoundCloud, Mixcloud, make a little video and put it on YouTube. At least you’ll get seen a lot more and won’t have to put in the legwork like I did!”

John Digweed
“If there’s no one in the club take your music down a notch. Play a moodier, groovier set that still has some interesting moments, but don’t play peak time records when the club is half full. Those records will sound great later, but played to a half-empty dance floor they won’t have the same effect. There’s something about hearing big records when the club is packed – that’s the key. It’s not about the glory. If you want longevity and you want to keep getting booked in this industry, you must play appropriately for the timeslot."


Take heed from the pioneers of the electronic music and stay tuned for more BURN Residency updates.

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