Closing – An Art Festival became a night of legend

14 March 2017

The gigantic printing press in Frysja opened one last time for a different kind of art exhibition with a post-modern touch. Paintings, the building itself, music and visitors were merged in a melting pot to make an art piece out of the experience itself, where the outcome is what everybody collectively make it.

A big bang from the Oslo underground

Avd.Frysja has housed a very special group of people since the Hjemmet Mortensen Press moved out. When the decision to demolish the building was made everybody felt a natural urge to host a closing party, and in this environment things tend to escalate quickly. Oslo´s residents are starving for big cultural experiences that give associations to other European metropolitan cities like Berlin or Paris. The free art needs an arena, rave nostalgic people need an empty factory and here we have Avd. Frysja, among the very last abandoned factory buildings in the city with a gang that is ready to go out with a big bang.

The Art 

The visual preparation of the venue started one month ahead of the big night with local artists Martin Gautron and 327 Petter in lead. With them, assistance from among others Julian Karlsen, Petter Petter Petter, WET Art and Guttestreker. The result was a visual bomb, a 1000 sqm room totally covered in colour, a strong contrast to the two other anonymous industrial rooms. More than 10 artists and collectives exhibited and lots of art was sold to the artists’ amusement.

The Music

With two gigantic halls to be filled with sound all day and all of the night, a solid line-up was necessary. Norwegian BURN Residency 2016 contestant Natalia Barbin is a keen fan of tech house and was an obvious booking to open the techno room. The guys behind the club concept “Det Gode Selskab” have been involved in Avd. Frysja for a long time, they are renowned for their elaborate techno nights, where the great music is pumped out on superb speaker systems and accompanied with stunning visuals. The city of Oslo´s other big club concept is “Skranglejazz”, known for their playful dj sets and parties that begin at noon and are filled with good vibes. BURN had the pleasure of bringing these two natural competitors together for a historical first time cooperation to this very special one night only event.