First day of Play Outs

25 May 2017

Under a blazing sun, twelve contestants had the mission to prove themselves for 15 minutes in front of the judges. The competition is definitely on, high-kicks, drums, smashing effects and smooth transitions made the heat less aggressive and put everybody to dance. 



I was a DJ before it was cool to be a DJ


Opening the party and coming straight from Moravia, Phil Abedo has been playing for more than ten years. According to his recent interview, Abedo came to bootcamp without any preparation, “I think the program is not about planning. It’s about the competitor and their performance in unplanned situations. It’s better just to let things run naturally.”


Getting out of his hometown was something crucial to Abedo and during IMS week, all the industry was present to have an eye on new artists, “I’m used to being in my comfort zone. It will drag me out of it, and I’m curious to see where it’s going to take me.”


Gladly, his mix was full of positive energy, a blend of techno and house, making the hot flashes a bit easy to handle.



Špela Nemec a.k.a Luxia is a young DJ from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her first encounter with electronic music was when she discovered Tiesto and she quickly became a regular attendant of every single event related to electronic music. No matter the genre, Luxia was always there!


During fifteen minutes she delivered a melodic set that made everybody dance, her selection of tracks, includes different styles, from techno to tech-house, she’ll bring some freshness to the audience. She’s hoping to gain new contacts around the island and learn new techniques from other contestants and mentors, “I can’t wait to meet new people, acquire new techniques and develop my style. I know this is a tremendous opportunity for my career!



Gert has a lot of experience, and a lot of expectations for this year's competition, “I’m learning a lot with the other contestants, we exchange experiences and techniques. It's a great chance to improve your work”.


Between Estonia and Amsterdam, Gert has many influences, from both cultures, artists like Tiesto, Hardwell, Headhunters but also Ummet Ozcan and NERVO, are part of the concoction between the Baltics and the “lower countries” aka The Netherlands. Coming from cold lands, Proost struggled with the high temperatures in Ibiza, “The sun was hitting my neck, I was melting during my set, but I think people enjoyed.



The Portuguese takes his work as an ideology; he wants to spread the word without talking too much about it if that makes sense. During his set, he brought everything that he had; we felt trapped in mysterious, melodic but also aggressive beats.


Alfonsvs is the latin name of Portugal’s first king; it represents strength and power, two important values followed by the artist. With only fifteen minutes to impress the judges, the Portuguese just did the best he could to make everybody dance, “When you only have fifteen minutes, it’s difficult to know what you're supposed to play. But I think they wanted us to adapt according to the audience, the vibe and especially the place. We’re around the pool, during the day, in Ibiza, you need to make people dance and enjoy themselves.”



Furkan Kurt, who has grown up with electronic music, has been DJing as a professional for approximately three years. He performed at some top events, festivals, and nightclubs in Turkey, and managed to expand the audience with his quality of live performance and unique style.


I feel great! As a winner of the Mix Off, I am ready to take this next step. I'm grateful for this opportunity and I know there is so much to do, but I want to thank everybody who made my dream come true.


adambence is a young DJ and producer from Hungary. He discovered the world of Techno music at the age of 16 and soon began to compose sounds on his own. First, he was producing Minimal sounds, but later he figured that by representing the mainstream, namely Techno and Tech House he can realize his true potential and find his style. His goal is to improve and make people happy with his music.



Ekaterina Marshina aka KEITLEEN and music went together since she was 14. She graduated from the music school, and eventually, she fell in love with electronic music. In 2015 she decided to test her skills behind the decks, so she joined and finished a DJ course. Since then she has not spent a single day without refining her technique and carefully listening to an enormous amount of material. At the end of 2016, she found herself as a promoter and organized several underground parties.


I love music. I speak through and to it, and it answers me back. Music is my life, and I can't imagine a single day without it. I am extremely happy to share the magical sounds that touched my soul or make me dance... And it's an amazing feeling to see how people enjoy the vibrations together with you. Am I worth it? Why not! Dreams come true. The only thing that matters is whether you want it with all your heart and if you are ready to pursue your goal. My passion, eagerness and everything I put into it — feelings, emotions, and my view on the diversity of music world — all of it speaks for itself.”



Francisco García Velasco, was born in Mexico City, he developed his Djing skills at a very young age, during high school, he was always trying to find the best underground parties around town. His set is linked to Detroit and Chicago, where he gets inspiration for new tracks.


Currently, PQRX is studying production in Mexico City; his goal is to improve his techniques and produce his first track.




Hibrid started quite strong, his first experience was at the age of 16, and from there he never stopped. He’s played all around the world, from Amsterdam to Corfu, Covering Europe side to side.


His style is melodic but also deep, to him it is a mixture of local poetry and electronic music. In 2014, he started to run his own label called Submarine Vibes, which grows each day with unique artists and an excellent eye for design.



Missberry is Slovak DJ who transformed her feelings of music and rhythms in performances into creative mixes full of positive energy.


These are the first lines of Missberry biography, and during her set at the Play Outs, she delivered the same thing; positive and happy vibes. The sun was at its climax, which put everyone on a heat trance. She stuck to her gut and her motto, “I do not have a strategy. My motto is, to be completely real.”



Peter is an established DJ from Uppsala, Sweden, he plays almost all genres of music, and he always does his best to entertain the crowd. He has a big preference for emotional sounds and melodies that touch our soul or groovy beats that make people dance, and he delivered what he promised.


My goal is, of course, to make it all the way. I might not win every competition, but I promise I will try my hardest. I hope I’ll learn a lot of new stuff on the island that will make me a better DJ and producer. I sincerely want to become the best in the business. I want to take over the game genre by genre. I will focus a lot on broadening my network and meet as many new people as I can. I also look forward to hanging out with others that are as passionate about electronic music as I am.”


It’s not her first time applying for BURN Residency, but she didn’t give up and kept applying. With a set that makes everyone stand up and dance, even the ones having their “siesta” by the pool, Gile is certainly a strong contestant during the competition.

Stay tuned for more updates on Play Outs