Lollino: My experience and the future

19 October 2016

Lorenzo Gianeri's story started about 10 years ago in Turin, Italy, a city that has always been a music hub arousing deep emotions. The path which brought him where he is now, has been long and winding, but his strength of will and determination pushed him closer to achieve his dream to become a DJ. 

A ten-year-old journey - made of study, passion and attention to detail - nurtured and revealed his talent, bringing him to join the biggest DJs and achieve his dream to play at Amnesia, the evocative and thrilling venue in Ibiza that he knew and aimed at since the beginning of his career. 

"I remember when I drove my car for 4 hours to go to Ralf's gigs, spending my savings and sleeping in my car. I did it because of my love for music."

His passion, desire to learn and face challenges brought him to take his first steps in Turin, a demanding city, yet bewitched by his energy. Five years ago, back from Amnesia, 'Tripping' was released.

The circle closes ends in 2016 with the BURN Residency experience, ten years after his debut, it is an international project with high visibility, to enter the competition applicants send a 1-hour mix, Djs are then selected amongst thousands of applicants, it is a tough challenge, but not impossible, especially for such as talented Dj as Lollino who believes in his dream. The mix he sends meets the approval and he is invited to the Music Inside Festival (MIF), in Rimini, where he, as well as 4 others, is given 30 minutes to impress the judging panel. Lollino considers few possible scenarios on how the mix-off could develop, he prepares his tracks, but when he finds himself in front of a star such as DJ Ralf and other important judges, he understands he has to change his mix. In a heartbeat, he decides he needs to dare more and starts his set with the vinyl of "I'll house you" by Jungle Brothers, that makes DJ Ralf jump from his seat and join the mixer, giving Lollino that confidence that will make him shout out "Special Energy" and "Allez!".

The judges assess technique, mixing and stage presence, Lollino makes it through the 2nd step in the process - Ibiza. 

"I was expecting people to dance, instead they were all sitting. I didn't play any of the 8 tracks I prepared, but a DJ's talent also lies in understanding what is happening around them in real time."

Following the mix-off, Lollino had 20 days to prepare for an intensive bootcamp with 25 other participants from around the world. He prepares, as he's always done, maybe even further. Not a fluent English speaker, Lollino worked tirelessly with an English speaking friend to learn the language, with no break, he had too big an opportunity and he couldn't risk neglecting any details. 

"I disappeared for 20 days, my friends thought that I had left already, instead I was at home studying."

As soon as he arrived in Ibiza, the place he has been dreaming about for more than 10 years, he finds himself in Hotel Esvive, with the other contestants, the 2nd week he made it through the initial elimination and moved to the wonderful BURN Villa with the final 16. The 3 week long bootcamp was spent with classes, study and rehearsals to practice the teachings of mentors such as Carl Cox.

"Everything was incredible, almost surreal. I was standing before music's living legends... Definitely, one of the classes that struck me the most was the one by Tony Andrews, because he taught us to understand identifying the different sounds you hear in a song."

The sound is a tool that allows standing out, whilst creating art. However, to create art, sound is not enough, you need to master many other elements and, "Believe me, I took more notes than I ever took at school"

The experience at bootcamp allows Lollino to open his mind and see new perspectives, manage pressure in the best way, and above all, build a strong, stable "almost family-like" relationship with all the contestants.

Without forgetting his roots and being aware of his opportunity, Lollino faces and overcomes difficult moments during the BURN Bootcamp, getting to the final steps, being one of the best 16 Djs, where the assessment focus on two fundamental elements for a successful Dj: their art and the human value.

This is how Lollino gets to the finals, as one of the best 3 talents in the contest who would compete for the remainder of the summer season for the most coveted prize: €100.000 career investment and the title of BURN Residency winner 2016.

Success arrives after two more months of hard work in Ibiza. Each finalist has to prove to have remarkable relational skills, building up a network and getting gigs at the most popular venues on the island. Lollino earns himself residency at Sankey's, but also plays gigs at Privilege, Ushuaïa and Bora Bora as well as many private parties. He finally has his dream at his fingertips. 

"I was moving forward as fast as I could, because it was my opportunity to make my way through the pillars of the music industry and this was made possible thanks to BURN."

The finish line is closer and closer and looks like a traffic circle in the middle of Ibiza. One morning, he has an unexpected interviewed about his remarks on the BURN Residency, while he is driven around in a car. Suddenly, he sees a billboard; he gets out of the car and runs next to it shouting: 

"It's ME! Yessss!"

"Oh my gosh, that's ME!"

Lollino's energy and euphoria is uncontrollable, but the surprises are not over, because he is about to perform in the magical club that is Amnesia!

It's "Initiation" by the greatest in the industry starts just there, where his dream began 10 years earlier. Which track should he end the evening with at Amnesia? 'Tripping', of course.

"I had the possibility to put together all the pieces of the puzzle of my life and now it's the time to work hard to prove what I can do!" 

Lollino, the most important challenges are waiting for you, next to the greatest Djs, starting with a performance at HYTE ADE on 20th October. 

"I was moving forward as fast as I could, because it was my opportunity to make my way through the pillars of the music industry and this was made possible thanks to BURN."

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