Lollino’s hectic life after the competition

28 March 2017

From DJing in his bedroom to mixing side by side with legends like Carl Cox. After winning BURN Residency, Lollino’s career skyrocketed. DJing at HYTE, Dalt Vila and now officially part of the Ask My Management and Artist Life family. We took a couple of minutes with the most energetic and positive DJ we’ve experienced during this competition to talk about his new life in Berlin and what the future holds for our dear Lorenzo.

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Q: First of all, Happy Birthday! I saw on your Facebook, that you spent it at home. How was it?

A: It was fantastic and amazing; it was felt like the city was celebrating with me for 48 hours straight. I played everywhere, from the street to the club. The music never stopped, it was the best birthday ever!

Q: You’re now officially part of AMM and Artist Life, how does that feel?

A: Wow. It feels unbelievable! After BURN Residency, this is another dream come true. The fact that it became official around my birthday made it even more special. I’m really happy to be part of the team, I am dealing with the best people ever & I couldn’t ask for more.

Q: You’re mixing at Dalt Vila, that’s great news! How’s the DJ life treating you?

A: Absolutely! Dalt Villa is another incredible announcement. To play in such a beautiful and historic event is Old Town Ibiza is something unbelievable and I can’t wait to leave my mark on the event. As for being a DJ, it’s even better than what I could have ever expected. It’s a fast paced environment and I feel like I don’t have a minute to spare, but it allowed me to work on my music 24/7 without compromising anything, which is what I always wanted.

Q: From Italy to Berlin – how different is the scene?

A: Berlin is the best place for the type of music I play and produce. The real, big difference between DJing in Berlin and electronic music there is the fact that it makes part of their culture. They have a real Underground scene that loves and appreciates our profession. In Italy, people love to go out and they enjoy the music but at the end of it, it’s just another event.

Q: And did you go to Berghain?

A: Of course I did! I went there just after my New year’s party at the HYTE. It was an unforgettable experience with some really incredible music and it was without a doubt a unique atmosphere.

Q: Is it more difficult to find your place in a foreign culture?

A: Yes and No…Obviously for certain cultural things, like food, (I miss my Italian food), and even the German language (since I’m now just learning English), but at the same time it’s quite easy. I feel really accepted and appreciated wherever I play; it’s truly the place to be a DJ. I think Berlin is the capital of the Underground and I love it.

Q: Last year, your goal was to make it as a DJ. Now that you made it, what’s the next step?

A: The next step is to continue to work with my amazing team from BURN, HYTE, AMM and ARTIST LIFE. I want to keep on growing and making music, becoming a better DJ and producer and take my music all over the world. I’ve been blessed with an incredible opportunity after winning BURN Residency and I’m going to take full advantage of it…. all the way to the beach where I will grow old and make music all day.