Mira Joo brings classical music techniques to the Dj booth

02 March 2017

In our third interview with previous contestants, we talked with one of the biggest names of the underground scene in Hungary, Mira Joo. With a background in classical music, Mira, learned how to be persistent which was a huge advantage during the competition. A couple of months after BURN Residency, she is still pushing her limits with not only with music but also with design, her other passion.

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Q: You started as a classical pianist, which is a very dedicated and strict environment. What technical knowledge or values have you brought into your Dj career?

A: I started from a young age, which affects who I am today, from my personality to how my brain works. Having a classical music background and growing up with the Kodaly education method made me more persistent in every aspect of my life. I think I’m also more critical and I take my time to reflect about projects etc…. I also gained a tacit knowledge about music and the way we communicate, I didn’t get the chance to improvise or be able to play whatever I wanted. We didn’t have that encouragement to compose our own pieces, which now I do.
  On the other hand, I am an educated designer, which allowed me to learn how to accept my own mistakes and how important they are. You realized that you need to be more flexible. All that knowledge is very useful for my life as a Dj, we have the same issues on a daily basis. We have to make quick decisions, even if we know it’s a difficult choice, we need to take that risk and hope for the best. That will make you have a better understanding about life.

Q: Since BURN Residency 2016, what has changed in your life?

A: I can reach more fans, which also made bigger platforms take notice of my work.

Q: What was your best moment during the competition?

A: When I won the Carl Cox b2b session and Uner remix music production challenges.

Q: I saw that you were mixing at Ushuaïa with Steve Lawler recently, how was that experience?

A: That was the closing event, a private party of our 3-month long competition program at Ushuaïa. That’s where all the weekly eliminations happened but also where we learned a lot of lessons, and of course, party at Ants. It was uplifting to play there with him.

Q: What else have you been up to?

A: I still have my residency in Hungary but besides djing and music production, I’m working on a music and design research, whilst I finish my studies in Sweden. I recently moved to Zurich, so I’m quite busy at the moment.

Q: What kind of talents would you like to see in the competition this year?

A: Someone who understands the basics but also has a natural instinct to break them. Someone new and inspirational!

Q: Any further advice for new competitors?

A: Have a plan! Apply with a business and personal plan. Be different and creative do not conform yourself with standard Dj rules.