Pathfinders: Russian contestants KJ and Marseeey, a year after BURN Residency

30 March 2017

Between Perm and Moscow, home towns of 2016's BURN Residency contestants KJ and Marseeey, lies 1433 kilometers of Russian wilderness. However, there is one thing that can overcome even the most impassable forests, and that is the passion for music. Marseeey and KJ were meant to meet each other far from home soil, on the glorious island of Ibiza — and now we reached out to them to relive this journey once again.

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It's not easy to find them, not to speak of gathering together: both Marseeey and KJ prefer to live their life on the road and draw inspiration from travelling. My phone call seems to be as inconvenient as it can be: while Ilya Marseeey pursues his passion of skateboarding somewhere around Murmansk, Zhenya KJ watches the sunrise sitting on a beach in Thailand.

Q: Hey, guys! What's new?

A: KJ: Heya! Well, where to start... Recently I was making podcasts, I’m also producing and always looking for a new material and ideas. After the competition, I returned to my hometown, which I haven’t visit for 8 years, I started to organized some underground events here and there. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. Shortly after I moved to Thai, where I started a tattoo studio along with my friends.
Marseeey: Everything's good :) Right now I ski, but, speaking generally, these days I am pushing my professional career in IT analytics. Answer

Q: And what's on DJ table?

A: Marseeey: Currently inactive, but I am sure it's just a phase. I am still heavily interested in all this movement of Moscow-based DJs, artists, promo teams regardless young and new... I'll definitely get back in the future. For now, I collect vinyl, it's like an addiction. 
KJ: Same with me, I took a break. It has been 3 months already. It's not like I closed that door — I just feel like I need to make a long and hard reset, need to revaluate something in my mind.

Q: Do you still talk with BURN Residency mentors? And who among them would you like to share the stage?

A: Marseeey: Well, not much... But the important thing here is that I know I will always be heard in case of anything comes up. It means a lot to know that you can count on them. And to play along... Dubfire! 
KJ: I am still in touch with my sensei Phillip Straub. And I will definitely share a place on stage with any mentor.... And with the same levels of pride and satisfaction.

Q: What do you remember the most from your BURN Residency experience?

A: Marseey: Ushuaia. Playing at Privilege. Morning yoga in front of the sea.
KJ: Most often my brain reproduces 1-on-1 conversations with John Digweed, lectures from David Vincent, Carl Cox, Miguel Campbell and Tony Andrews. Also the DJ set in Privilege. The remix challenge, while sitting on the same terrace featured in “All Gone Pete Tong” — all these moments will stay in my memory for a long time.

Q: Name 3 things that young DJs need to celebrate victory in BURN Residency?

A: KJ: Stay hungry and focused. Take over your ego. Always evolve and move to yours and only yours targets and dreams.
Marseeey: Uniqueness. Confidence. Showmanship.

Q: And parting words for new BURN Residency contenders?

A: Marseeey: If you want to spend a summer in Ibiza, which is awesome, your mix can't be just good, it has to be perfect. Believe in yourself!
KJ: Think of this chance like this is your opportunity to grow. Take it, don't expect anything and keep evolving.