Talking with BOG about his 2014 BURN Residency Experience

29 March 2017

Since we are approaching the final days of applications for 2017’s BURN Residency, we decided to take a little time off and spend it with BOG, talking about his experience from back in the day. Originally from Romania, now living in Paris, Bogdan it’s one of the luckiest 2014’s competition finalist that won our hearts with a whole bunch of talent, hard work and dedication. He managed to make it into the final stage of the competition, spending an entire summer in Ibiza, playing at famous clubs and taking career advice from the legendary John Digweeed.

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Q: How would you describe the experience of having John Digweed as a mentor?

A: I met John during the competition back in 2014 but I was a dedicated fan of him and Bedrock for a long time. You can learn a lot of tips and tricks from people like him, with a long career behind the decks as they've been there doing that, so who could give you a better advice than John Digweed?
He always supported new talents over the years, Bedrock became a platform to shine on but you need to put a lot of work and dedication too but not in the sense of « you’re now on Bedrock » but by offering them a platform where they can build something themselves.

Q: Since 2014, how did your relationship and collaboration evolve over time?

A: Well, we’ve been playing a couple of shows together like Bedrock Showcase Ministry Of Sound in London or Bedrock, The BPM Festival in Mexico where I was the opener which is amazing for me to see that I’m trusted by John to do the opening. We kind of share the same taste and influences in the art of music and I think this was the common denominator on how we came together so quick.

Q: As a BURN Residency finalist, how was it for you to spend an entire summer in Ibiza?

A: It was great. Used that experience to meet people from the industry and connect with, which as a young DJ I believe it’s the main goal.

Q: Looking back, what other influences has had BURN Residency over your career?

A: Well looking back now I am happy that I have applied to the competition at that time because definitely, it was a game changer in my career. As I said before the main thing should be about meeting new people and learning from their experiences and BURN Residency is the right place for this thing.

Q: What can you tell us about Moonlight? Or any new projects you’re working on?

A: Moonlight is the start of a change in my musical journey. As an artist, I think we should not limit ourselves but to explore and discover. Alongside Tim Engelhardt we are working on a couple of tracks this year, one of them will be released on Innervisions on 31st of March but at the same time, I am focusing on my solo project.

Q: Any tips or suggestions for the 2017’s BURN Residency contestants?

A: Just do what you love and as long as you do it with passion and dedication it will come to you :)